Borewells in Hyderabad

Illegal digging of borewell

Illegal digging of borewell continues

where the prescribed depth of a borewell is around 450 feet individuals are unlawfully drilling up to 1,000 to 1,500 feet due to which the nearby colonies are facing a severe shortage of water especially during the dry months of Summer. Apart from digging up borewells, local people in Suraram colonies have also complained that drilling activities are causing inconvenience to residents living in the neighbourhood.

From untimely digging up borewells to letting the murky water flow on the main road, those indulging in such illegal activities have become a source of trouble for pedestrians and motorists who use the route frequently.

In a shocking incident, a similar activity was noticed in one of the colonies of Suraram where the house owner did not have permission letter from the MRO to dig a borewell in the area. When enquired, Village Revenue Officer Balaraju shared that the bore did not have any clearance and that with the consent of the MRO, the officials would charge a case against the perpetrator.